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Palm Treatment Services

Fertilization (Maintenance)

Additional Services

      Palmetto Weevils

      Spiraling White Fly

      Mealybugs and Scale

      Palm Leaf Skeletonizer



Not included in maintenance programs

     Fertilized 4x’s per year at 1.5

     pounds per 100 square feet of





One application in the summer will be done without nitrogen as required by local ordinances.

Interior Pest Prevention

Multi-faceted exterior treatment of home to prevent pest entry

Initial Service includes Interior Baiting

Primary Barrier

Covers Silverfish, Roaches/Palmetto Bugs, and Basic Ants including Pharaoh, fire, crazy and ghost

Gold Barrier

Covers all pests in Primary Program in addition to little Florida carpenter, Florida carpenter, firebrats, pantry pests, household spiders, white-footed, tawny crazy, and big headed ants

Interior Guarantee:  Return service visits for covered insects at no additional fee

Lawn and Shrub Care

Residential Lawn Program

Turf Fertilization 4 times a year

Treatment for turf damaging insects, disease, and broadleaf weeds as needed

Treatment for fire ants

Signature Lawn, Shrub & Palm Program

Same treatments as our residential program

Palm fertilization 4 times a year

Shrub fertilization 2 times a year

Shrub inspections and treatment for damaging insects as needed

The death or damage of lawn, shrubs, or palms due to improper planting, improper watering or acts of God, including but not limited to drought, flood, lightning strikes, tornado, hurricane. The control of moles or armadillos.  **It is the responsibility of the client to notify us in the event turf begins to show signs of damage.

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